Agile Coach NDK HF

As an Agile Coach you support your company in the introduction and use of agile methods

The Agile Coach is a promise for the future. In the age of digitalisation and globalisation, it is essential for companies to quickly recognise changing customer needs and respond to them promptly. Agile methods have been tried and tested in IT projects for some time now. Today, they are increasingly establishing themselves in different sectors and in divisions outside of IT. In training as an Agile Coach NDK HF, you will learn how your company can use agility as an organisational form to exploit opportunities presented by changed market conditions in the long term. You will learn how to accompany organisations or teams in the learning, change and development processes concerned and how to support them through your training and coaching. The programme is modular and can be completed alongside your working commitments.
Price from CHF 7'800.00
(including course materials)
Lessons approx. 160 lessons // 80 lessons of classroom teaching of 50 minutes each plus 80-100 lessons of guided self-study (blended learning)
Duration approx. 7 months (6 lessons every two weeks)
Degree Agile Coach NDK HF

The learning objectives of the Agile Coach

  • You are aware of the motivation and motive for change and agility, and can distinguish between traditional and agile approaches
  • You know how to actively shape company values and cultures and change them through Agile Coaching
  • You understand the specifics around the topic of Workplace 4.0
  • You are familiar with the basic values of an agile organisational form and can deal with holocracy, sociocracy 3.0, etc.
  • You know different methods and approaches such as Lean, Design Thinking, DevOps, Scrum, etc., their characteristics and scope of application
  • You are able to introduce and manage the change process for and during project implementation, and to initiate necessary changes
  • You are aware of the principles and core values for modern and learning organisations and can apply the most important leadership principles
  • You are able to moderate conversations, mediate in conflict situations, actively manage conflict and can use creative communication methods to do so
  • You can integrate agile working techniques in a team and apply the appropriate tools and project management methods

The 10 modules of the NDK Agile Coach

In der Weiterbildung Agile Coach NDK HF eignen Sie sich umfangreiche Kompetenzen auf fachlicher und persönlicher Ebene an. Folgende Themenbereiche werden behandelt:

  • Introduction / Digital transformation

Setting up further training / Working attitude / Agility: Meaning, definition and motivation / Digital transformation

  • Digitalisation and agility / Workplace 4.0

Key factors Customer centricity and agility / Digitalisation and corporate culture / Workplace 4.0 / Tools

  • Culture and values
    Characteristics of agile culture / Targeted change Values and corporate culture / Framework conditions and ground rules
  • Agile organisational forms
    Characteristics of organisational models / Basics, core values and success factors
  • Agile innovation processes
    Agile innovation culture and processes / Design Thinking, Lean Startup etc.
  • Agile procedure models
    Agile vs. traditional / Characteristics, principles and goals of agile process models / Organisational requirements / Challenges
  • Agile Leadership
    Agile leadership of modern and learning organisations / Methods / Social systems
  • Agile project, product and portfolio management
    Visualisation, Planning and Control Corporate Portfolio / Overarching Coordination / System Strategy, Delivery and Governance
  • Change Management
    Definition, delimitation and tasks / Historical development and trends / Context to corporate culture / Procedure in the project
  • Communication / Conflict Management
    Basic knowledge of psychology / (Self-)perception / Conflicts and solution approaches / Moderation / Coaching / Questioning techniques / Metacommunication
  • Closure: Practical work / transfer work

Actively shaping processes

The Agile Coach NDK HF course of study is aimed at people who are actively involved in change and development processes in their work and professional environment. If your goal is to mediate between technologies and human images and to gain a lasting competitive advantage through agile structures, this is an ideal next step for your future.

The Agile Coach NDK HF is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, project leaders, product and portfolio managers who want to introduce agile organisational forms and who value a holistic view of business. The programme also addresses HR managers who accompany and support the change processes.

Driving developments forward

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Take responsibility in an agile organisation, for example as an agile leader or in product development (line), human resources Development (staff)
  • Take responsibility in agile development projects, for example as a scrum master, product owner, change agent, etc.
  • Accompany and support agile transformations
  • Further develop own action competences
  • Develop your own communication and leadership style
Optimal mix of theory and practice

Classes are held every fortnight. A preparatory assignment of 8-10 hours precedes each training day. The acquired know-how is expanded upon in the classroom sessions and explored in practical applications. This creates an optimal combination between methods, techniques, tools and application fields with a high degree of practical relevance.


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We would be happy to inform you of the content and the opportunities available through the Agile Coach NDK HF programme at our free information event. In addition, you will gain an overview of the methods currently used in practice and of other training courses and seminars – for example, business IT specialist or Scrum Master – the IBAW offers.


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