Dipl. Betriebswirtschafter HF (Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration)

Practice-oriented degree in business administration in cooperation with the FHNW

Would you like an interesting job in business or public administration? Would you like to lead a team or run a small business? Would you like to benefit from the shortened path to a Bachelor's degree at the FHNW and attractive salary prospects? You know that lifelong learning pays off in the labour market. Then a generalist degree in Business Administration is your best choice. We will be happy to advise you.
Price from CHF 14'900.00
(including qualification procedure)
Lessons approx. 1,000 lessons of 50 minutes each (excluding voluntary additional modules required for exclusive transfer to the FHNW)
Duration 3 years part-time
Degree Dipl. Betriebswirtschafter HF (degree in Business Administration) (federally protected title)
Standorte Aarau, Bern (Welle 7), Horgen, Lucerne, Olten

Shortened path to a Bachelor's degree

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and the IBAW have entered into an exclusive cooperation for this course of study. You will thus benefit from entering the 6th semester of the Bachelor of Science (BSc) part-time programme in Business Administration. This saves you a year of study time compared to the traditional transfer. You will need, however to pass additional modules during the HFW programme.

Of course, other doors are open to you after graduation. For example, a postgraduate course at a higher professional school (NDS HF), a CAS or MAS course or a higher professional examination.


The HFW part-time study programme is particularly suitable for committed individuals from various industries and age groups with the following educational backgrounds:

  • Commercial qualification (M* or E profile) or other qualification in the field of business
  • Completion of school education*
  • Federal certificate of competence in retail trade*
  • Federal certificate of proficiency in other fields with one year of relevant commercial experience**
  • Technical administrators with a Swiss federal diploma*
  • Professional certificate from a business field*
*Admission to higher semesters possible
**Admission after preliminary course (basic course or crash course RW / W / R) in Olten, Lucerne or by self-study

You can find a detailed list here. We would be happy to advise you personally – also regarding your specific situation, our individual admission options and your career planning.

Degree study

Practical relevance guaranteed
Our course of study is marked by exciting business simulations, a high level of practical relevance through case studies, practitioners as lecturers, project work and an attractive mix of different learning assessments. In addition, you can benefit from a high degree of flexibility and an interesting range of learning content, which consists primarily of the following:

  • Corporate Governance / Management and Human Resources Management
  • Marketing and communication
  • Personnel management / HRM
  • Financial management and accounting
  • Digitalisation / Informatics and Technology
  • Organisational design and development / process management
  • Project management
  • Supply chain management (production and logistics)
  • One foreign language at level B2
    You can bring the B2 level with you, for example in the form of a Cambridge First Certificate, or you can acquire this by the end of the 4th semester at a Migros Klubschule using the CHF 1,000 education voucher included in the price.

In addition to your studies, you will be working at least 70% of the time, or 50% if you have had two years of professional experience prior to commencing your course, in a commercial or business management position. Depending on the timetabling, up to 100% is possible. Most students work 80 – 90% alongside their HFW studies. Ambitious students who voluntary attend the additional modules required for accelerated transfer to the UASNW usually work 70 – 80% part-time.

Organisational matters

With an HFW degree programme at the IBAW, you benefit from unique flexibility.

  • Central locations allow you to make seamless transitions if you move home change your job.
  • Different time models allow you to best adapt your professional and private life.
  • The mixture of online and in-person teaching means that you only travel once a week for 8 lessons. The remaining approx. 30% of the lessons take place online. This is in line with contemporary needs, is sustainable and saves travel time and costs. When voluntary attending the additional modules for exclusive transfer to the FHNW, it may be necessary to travel twice in certain weeks.

The semester fee is CHF 1,900. In addition, there are costs for examinations, overnight stays during study days, course materials and any additional modules. You can find a detailed overview of costs here.

The autumn and spring semesters usually each consist of 16 teaching weeks with one week for examinations. Simulations and any voluntary additional modules for exclusive transfer to the UASNW can also take place outside these teaching weeks. You can find the semester schedule here.

Financial support from the canton

ll cantons make financial contributions to the courses of study at the higher technical colleges at the IBAW within the framework of the intercantonal agreement on technical colleges. For prospective Dipl. Betriebswirtschafter HF students who do not reside in Switzerland under the terms of a scholarship, the tuition fee increases to CHF 28,100.
The amount of the cantonal contributions is reviewed every 2 years and redefined by the EDK. Accordingly, the amount of the contribution rate may change (positively or negatively) during the studies.
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Head of the Dipl. Betriebswirtschafter HF degree programme
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Site Manager Horgen (Business Administration)
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