Scrum Master

The important position of the Scrum Master

The Scrum Master plays an important role within the Scrum project management framework. He/She is responsible for ensuring that Scrum -–with all its agile principles and methods – works in the company and that the communication between the participants is appropriate. With Scrum, you develop fast, cost-effective and high-quality products. The project management method is based on just five rules, which in turn define five activities, three artifacts and three roles. In the two-day Scrum Master course at IBAW, you will learn what responsibilities and tasks are linked to the different roles within Scrum (Scrum Master, Team and Product Owner).
Price from CHF 1'980.00
(including course materials and examination fees)
Lessons 16 lessons of 50 minutes each
Duration 2 days
Degree Scrum Master

The Scrum Master course includes comprehensive learning objectives

The IBAW Scrum Master course teaches you the most important principles of Scrum. After the two days, you can assess whether the Scrum project management approach is suitable for your company. This means that you know how Scrum works and that you are able to use it in your company. You can start and coordinate your first Scrum projects independently. This does not only apply to new projects: you should also be able to apply what they have learned to existing projects and thus improve them.

These 7 content areas are dealt with in the course

In the two days of the Scrum Master course, a wealth of knowledge from various content areas is imparted: general information about Scrum, the role of the Scrum Master and how to deal with Scrum are part of the programme. The following contents are dealt with in detail:

  • Scrum framework
  • Tasks and understanding of roles
  • Product Owner: Dealing with requirements, prioritisation, ROI etc.
  • Scrum meetings
  • Scrum artifacts
  • Scrum best practices
  • Preparation for the exam

Scrum basics should be known

The Scrum Master training is basically open to all interested parties. If you have basic knowledge of Scrum, there is nothing to prevent you from taking part in the course. You will then deal with the tasks of the Scrum Master in more depth. In addition to basic Scrum knowledge, it is advantageous to already have experience in project management and/or IT.

Do you feel addressed for this course?

The Scrum Master course is not aimed at every professional group. Our target group mainly includes:

  • IT project managers
  • IT software developers
  • IT architects
  • Team leader
  • IT managers

One price for the lessons, course materials and the examination

The costs for the Scrum Master course amount to 1,980 Swiss francs. This price includes the 16 lessons of 50 minutes each, spread over three days. It also includes all necessary course materials and the examination fee of CHF 550.

Getting to know the other Scrum roles

The Scrum Master is only one of the three roles that are central to Scrum. You will learn about the other two roles and their tasks within the project management framework in our Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Developer Certified courses. Other opportunities for development are:

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