Digital Collaboration Specialist with a Swiss federal diploma

Versatile professional

As a Digital Collaboration Specialist, you can expect a varied mix of tasks: You work at the interfaces of communication, technology and human resources development. You support digital transformation in companies and skilfully mediate between management and employees. Given your technical understanding, methodical know-how and a high level of service orientation, you will master the challenge: making your customers fit for the digital age. Your deployment is in demand across all industries that are influenced by and react to the digital transformation.
Price Per semester: CHF 4'980.00
(including course materials including
internal examination fees
50% federal contributions not yet deducted)
Lessons 432 of 50 minutes each
Duration 3 semesters (1 day / week, alternating in-person and online)
Degree Digital Collaboration Specialist qualification with a Swiss federal diploma

Eight learning objectives

During the programme you will acquire extensive competence, both on a professional and a personal level. The focus is on these eight learning objectives:

  • You plan, manage and monitor sub/projects in a targeted manner and ensure the quality of the results.
  • You know and understand the unique features of Workplace 4.0 and are able to implement or accompany the digitalisation process in a company.
  • You present convincingly, moderate discussions and meetings professionally and use suitable communication channels at the appropriate level.
  • You support digital transformation, recognise the training needs of users and develop training courses that you implement competently.
  • Through your work, you are able to positively influence acceptance of change and strengthen the digital competences of employees.
  • Taking into account current innovations and trends, you accompany and promote digital development in companies. In doing so, ensure that all people involved are involved and adequately supported.
  • As an expert, you support your clients in the implementation of digital communication strategies, demonstrate possible uses of social media, create concepts and implement them independently.
  • You prepare data using suitable analysis tools, visualise it in a way that is appropriate for the target group and present it in compliance with the operational CI/CD specifications. In doing so, you observe the current data protection regulations and apply them carefully and dutifully.


The content of the degree programme is geared towards these eight learning objectives and will help you gain a very broad-based awareness and understanding of the subject:

  • Project management
    Initialise, plan, execute and manage projects, application of agile and traditional methods
  • Communication and rhetoric
    Presentation and negotiation techniques, conversational skills, body language
  • Marketing: traditional and digital
    Marketing concepts, digital channels, customer journey, briefing and debriefing
  • Digitalisation and agility, Workplace 4.0
    Digital collaboration, methods and platforms, specifications and guidelines
  • Evaluation, selection and introduction of digital tools and working methods
    Digital tools, agile methods (Kanban, Lean, etc.), requirements, dependencies
  • Data protection and information security
    Confidentiality, availability, data protection, law
  • Change management
    Change processes, need for change, innovations, digital transformation, mindset
  • Big data
    Conducting surveys, analysing, evaluating, processing, making them level-appropriate
  • Coaching, mentoring and training of teams
    Planning development programmes, running courses, monitoring progress, advising and motivating
  • Organising and moderating meetings and workshops
    Moderation, time management, technical aids

Requirements: first experience and a qualification

Have you already gained experience at the interface of IT, communication and human resources development and have a recognised professional qualification? These requirements are necessary to be admitted to the final examination:

  • Professional qualification in communication, in a commercial or technological environment, plus at least 2 years of proven professional experience before completing the programme; or
  • Professional qualification in another field of activity, plus at least 4 years of proven professional experience before completing the programme

Designing the workplace of the future

As a digital collaboration specialist, you plan ICT solutions. To this end, you will lead sub-projects and projects within the framework of digital developments. You analyse and consider stakeholder needs and derive the best course of action. You skilfully combine agile and classic methods. As an expert in digital transformation, you are familiar with the current tools and possibilities – this is how you design the modern workplace in your company.

Mediator between people and technology

Are you already working in digital communication or IT, on the business side of things with IT tasks or as a technically oriented project manager? Or would you like to support the IT department as a career changer? Then our programme is just the right thing for you: as a specialist, you build bridges between people and technology, between IT and communication.

Digitisation professional through commitment

You have one day’s training per week: Classroom sessions introduce you to the topics, which you then explore in greater depth in groups or individually. In the process, in-person teaching alternates with online sequences. Transfer and project work provide an opportunity to apply what you have learned directly in practice. In this way, you can hone your skills in your everyday working life, and your employer already stands to benefit from this during your course of study.

The programme is modular and can be tailored to your individual needs. Our staff will be happy to support you.

Optional: targeted exam preparation

The content of the Digital Collaboration Specialist with Swiss federal diploma programme is based on various topics including agility, information technology, digital transformation and coaching. You will acquire skills in communication, rhetoric, big data, project management, the coaching of teams as well as online marketing and data protection/information security.


Digital Collaboration Specialist with a Swiss federal diploma

N.B.: The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) has yet to approve the examination regulations. The professional title and profile are therefore subject to change until they are officially adopted.

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