Dipl. Technician HF Computer Science

The practice-oriented IT course of study

The programme to become a Dipl. Techniker HF Informatik is strongly practice-oriented. The course of study prepares you in the best possible way to carry out the demanding management tasks of a systems and network technician. As the person responsible for setting up, maintaining and operating ICT systems, software installations and device configurations, you guarantee smooth operation and thus make a significant contribution to the success of the company. You ensure that the information is available at the right place and at the right time and can quickly and purposefully remedy any system problems that may arise.
Price Pro Semester: Ab CHF 3'185.00
((including course materials
including internal examination fees
incl. prov. cantonal contributions))
Lessons 1500 lessons of 50 minutes
Duration 7 semesters
Degree Dipl. Techniker HF Informatik (degree in IT Engineering HF)

Skills beyond computer science

However, this computer science programme at the IBAW also picks up on related topics. In this way, you are aware of which legal requirements exist and create complex ICT concepts taking these legal guidelines into account. Attention is also paid to the way employees are treated: You know the most important management tools for implementation-oriented and effective team leadership and can successfully complete projects and plans taking into account ecological principles.

The following content is covered

  • System development
  • System and network technology, network security
  • System operation, virtualisation solutions, backup and archiving solutions
  • IT service management
  • IT architecture
  • Project management
  • Communication / rhetoric / presentation techniques / cross-cultural communication
  • Corporate governance, environmental management and ecology
  • Exam preparation and exams, thesis (including coaching)

Further education in information technology for professionals

The degree programme to become a Dipl. Techniker HF Informatik is completed on a part-time basis. IT specialists with a federal certificate of competence (EFZ) as an IT specialist, media specialist, telematics specialist, automation specialist or electronics specialist are admitted free of charge. Persons who have a higher vocational education  (Swiss federal certificates and diplomas as well as diplomas from a higher vocational school) are also admitted without having to take an examination. Prospective students with an EFZ in another professional field are admitted without an examination if they can prove that they have at least two years of relevant professional experience in the field of information technology (ICT systems and network technology). Proof of relevant professional activity of at least 50 per cent (20 working hours per week) must also be provided at the start of the study programme. It is necessary to have at least level A2 English by the time you complete the course.

Financial support from the canton

All cantons make financial contributions to the higher technical college courses at the IBAW within the framework of the intercantonal technical college agreement. The tuition fee amounts to CHF 37,900 for prospective Dipl. Techniker HF Informatik students who do not hold a scholarship and who are resident in Switzerland.

The amount of the cantonal contributions is reviewed every two years and redefined by the EDK. Accordingly, the amount of the contribution rate can change (both upwards and downwards) during the programme.

Additional training for those eager to learn

After completing the course, various postgraduate studies or the Leadership SVF certificate are available as further training.

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