ICT Operations Associate

As an ICT Operations Associate, you will be able to handle small ICT projects independently, handle support cases professionally and efficiently, and automate daily ICT tasks. Your knowledge of VoIP and maintaining the Microsoft 365 product range makes you a versatile all-rounder. This offer is part (module 4) of the programme IT Specialist (System & Network Technology).
Price CHF 4'480.00
(including course materials, excluding external certificates )
Lessons 108 lessons of 50 minutes each
Duration approx. 5 months
Degree ICT Operations Associate
Blended Learning 25% in-person learning
75% online learning

What does the course cover?

This practice-oriented course covers the following topics:

  • Handling of small ICT projects
  • (Basics of time and resource planning, procurement of components, calculation, evaluation, accounting basics)
  • Working in an ICT support organisation
  • (1st and 2nd level, escalations, correct telephoning)
  • Developing scripts and workflows for automated processes
  • with Microsoft PowerShell
  • Introduction to programming with Python
  • Introduction to the Microsoft 365 product range
  • VoIP basics such as SIP, jitter, RTT and common codecs
  • Deploying a UC solution based on MS Teams

Learning objectives

  • You will acquire fundamental knowledge for the handling of small ICT projects and the evaluation and calculation of ICT services
  • You know the organisational and hierarchical structure of an ICT support organisation according to ITIL and can receive and escalate telephone support requests competently and in a customer-oriented manner
  • You know the syntactics and semantics of Windows PowerShell and can automate various tasks with it
  • You have basic knowledge of programming with Python and can write simple applications yourself
  • You can put a Microsoft 365 tenant into operation and know the most important apps from the product range
  • You will learn the technical requirements for smooth VoIP telephony in companies
  • You know how to deploy and configure Microsoft Teams and Teams Enterprise Voice for a small business


The ICT Desktop Technician & ICT Network Supporter courses or equivalent knowledge.

It is advantageous to already have CompTIA A+ and CompTIA N+ certification.

Target group

This course is suitable for:

  • Graduates of the ICT Desktop Technician & ICT Network Supporter courses
  • Professionals who already have initial experience in the ICT project environment
  • Employees of an ICT support organisation
  • Client or network administrators who would like to familiarise themselves with the topics of PowerShell and Microsoft 365 by means of practical examples


Certificate “ICT Operations Associate

Follow-up offers

  • Professional certificate in ICT (professional experience required)
  • Higher technical college in ICT (professional experience required)
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